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the recipe

Clover Club

All day, every day. Clover Club is the graceful, lively, elegant cocktail to be enjoyed at any time.

The juniper and resinous notes of Theresianer Gin meet the hints of wood of raspberry joining in a refined synergy. Close this circle the lemon juice, fresh balancer, and the egg white, which amazes and gives creaminess.

preparation for mixing glass

How to prepare
Clover Club


  • THERESIANER GIN – 1 ½ oz. (45 ml)

  • Fresh lemon juice – 1 oz. (30 ml)

  • Raspberry syrup – ½ oz. (15 ml)

  • Egg white – ¼ oz. (0.5 ml)


Place all the ingredients into the shaker, fill it with ice and shake with energy.
Pour the contents by filtering it with a double strainer, into a previously cooled coupette.


  • GARNISHING: Raspberry / Rose petal

  • GLASS: Coupette

  • TECHNIQUE: Shake and strain

cocktail mood

Cover Club
by Theresianer Gin

Theresianer Gin is a dynamic distillate, with a great aromatic force, characterized by a pungent and resinous flavour greatly highlighting juniper. It reveals classic spices but also acidic aromas and flavours, for this reason it is suitable for the preparation of fresh and charismatic cocktails.

Bruno Vanzan

The Personal Bartender

Giovane bartender di fama internazionale che con passione, dedizione e capacità ha raggiunto, in pochi anni, successo indiscusso nel mondo di cocktail e mixology.

Bruno Vanzan

Flair Bartender

A complimentary tasting is included in the mansion tour. We tried four different whisky varieties that we really enjoyed. After the tasting we decided to get a glass and sit outside. The staff recommended a bottle as it would be cheaper for three of us, so we got the Old Smoky.

Harry Morrison

CEO, Business Co.